The mission of Thrive is to be a grace-filled community where people of all ages and backgrounds can thrive by coming to know Christ, by growing to live like Christ, and by learning to love like Christ.








Hello! I’ve been asked to write a little something about me, so here you go.

I had the great privilege of being raised in the ministry as my parents were successful pastors. I had the inside scoop on lots of things because of this, like where the kid’s workers kept the graham crackers, how to enjoy eating candy in church without getting caught and how to take a good pinch without hollering when my mom would catch me eating candy in church.

I also have to say I learned some good things too…like how great a place church can be and how precious people are.

In 2004, God called my wife Lori and I to pastor a small, but strong, congregation here in Lathrop that have certainly proven to be precious over all these years. It’s been an interesting ride as the venues in which we have done ministry have varied from a partially burned-down church, two different school sites (8 ½ years of setting up and tearing down every Sunday!) to a very small union hall (we used to call it the “clown car church” because we still don’t know how we fit in there) and now in a place we can gratefully call our own! Regardless of where we’ve HAD church, though, I can honestly say we’ve always BEEN the same church: a group of people convinced that God’s love and grace towards us is all we can brag about and because of that, we can love anybody else God brings our way.

As privileged as I am to pastor Thrive, I am most grateful for the family God has gifted me. I married my Bethany College sweetheart 21 years ago, and truly she is the best person I know…and she’s cute too!

We have four children. Canaan is 18 years old and soon to be enrolled at Northwest University where he will be a Biblical Studies major. He is already a powerful worship leader and it’s going to be a lot of fun to see what God does with him. Eden is 16 (and driving, so watch out!) and she is beautiful, brown-eyed and brilliant. She seems to be really good at just about everything she does, like her momma. Belen, our 9 year old little darlin’, is a sassy gymnast who may end up being even smarter than her older siblings. She is going to change the world for Jesus, just watch! And, finally, there is our baby boy, Levi. (He’s actually 7 already but since he’s the last one…you know!) Levi is the funniest person I’ve ever met under 4 feet tall and is adorable, like his dad.

I hope that if you visit us, we get the chance to meet you. We’re regular people who know we need God and His Community. If you feel the same way, you should fit right in!

My prayer for you is that everything you are, everyone you love, and everything you care about THRIVES in Jesus!

-Pastor Eric